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Affiliated with the City of Mississauga Recreation and Parks
Member of the Mississauga Sports Council
Member of Mississauga Seniors Council


We are a diverse and inclusive registered sports group that believes every resident in the City of Mississauga (“City”) should have the opportunity to learn, and to play Pickleball regardless of age or ability.

  • We are the collective voice of the PMA membership and we advocate on YOUR behalf for all things Pickleball within the City.
  • We continue to advocate for safe, well maintained ‘public’ Pickleball indoor and outdoor facilities and equipment.
  • We continue to advocate for “PUBLIC PICKLEBALL ONLY” courts which are tentatively scheduled to open in 2023.
  • We continue to advocate for Pickleball lines on every tennis court that gets resurfaced so the number of outdoor places to play continues to grow. 
  • We provided Pickleball input to the the City’s 5 year (2019 - 2023) Future Directions Plan to perpetuate the development and growth of the sport. 


  • It’s and opportunity to expand your social circle and get connected with other fun, active fellow “picklers” who are passionate about the sport and play at both recreational and competitive levels.
  • More public courts to play on every year! In 2020 there were 34 multi-purpose tennis and Pickleball courts at 10 public locations. In 2021 the City of Mississauga is adding 29 new courts at 11 public tennis court locations. At the end of 2021 there will be 21 locations to play Pickleball on 64 courts.
  • In partnership with the City our next milestone is to identify the most suitable site for PUBLIC PICKLEBALL ONLY courts. We are working hard to accomplish this on your behalf.
  • Watching or participating in the annual District 20 Senior 55+ Pickleball Games which PMA organizes and co-sponsors. Be the gold medal winner that qualifies to play in the Regional and/or Provincial Games!
  • Participate at a recreational or competitive level in our “PMA Tournament Day” held in September each year.
  • Our PMA website where we post helpful information about Pickleball in our Community, who your Board of Directors are and how to contact them along with other helpful information.
  • PMA has a number of members with expertise at all levels of play with appropriate certification to certification to offer lessons from beginners to a competitive level of play.


  • You will become part of the collective ‘PMA VOICE’ in our community to help advocate for all things Pickleball with the City of Mississauga. We need a critical mass to lobby the City and continue to move our vision forward.
  • Through our PMA voice we continue to be included in the City’s five (5) year “Future Directions Plan” which perpetuates the development and growth of the sport. Discussions are scheduled to resume in 2022 for the next five year plan and we want a BIG COLLECTIVE voice for Pickleball.
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