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Finding the perfect pickle paddle can seem complicated due to all the different weights, sizes, as well as the variety of materials available. The quick overview below will give you a general understanding of what it all means to help you find your perfect pickleball paddle. Also check our in-depth guide for a deep dive into pickleball paddles.


Most pickleball paddles fall under 3 options for weight:
Light (<7.3 oz), medium (7.3 – 8.4 oz), and heavy (>8.5oz).
Lighter gives more control but less drive.
Heavier gives less control, more power and drive, but can also lead to arm strains and faster fatigue.

Grip Size

Rule-of-thumb for grip selection based on your height:
Height under 5’2” usually do well with a 4” grip.
Height between 5’3” and 5’8” usually do well with a 4 ¼” grip.
Height above 5’9” usually do well with a 4 ½” grip.

Honeycomb Core Material

Light, soft feel gives it great control over power and drive.
Medium noise level.

Polymer material, light, and durable like aluminum but more ridged.
Best for speed and power.
High noise level.

Polypropylene (Poly):
Polymer plastic blend, lightweight and durable.
Great middle ground between power and control.
Lowest noise level.

Surface Material

The original material pickleball paddles were made of.
Lowest price point, reliable, and durable.
Best for just starting out.
Usually heavy (9-11oz)

Polymer Composite:
A blend of plastics and resins.
Lightweight, affordable, and durable.
Recommended if you are just starting out over wood if you have concerns with past arm injuries.
Most common paddles for people who don’t play in professional tournaments.

Thin surface graphite layer.
Expensive, lightest, and very responsive.
Used by most professional looking for precise ball control.
Recommended if you are an intermediate or advanced player in order to take full advantage of this technology.

A blend of material like fiberglass, aluminum, or carbonfiber.
Most technologically advanced surface, expensive, light, and powerful.
Mostly heavier than graphite but offers the same ball control with more power.
Recommended for intermediate to advanced players in order to take full advantage of the technology.