1. PMA is your voice for change and recognition with the City of Mississauga. PMA negotiated Pickleball lines on outdoor public tennis courts at Mississauga Valley CC. We now have lines on all four courts with adjustable net straps and “permitted” times for extended play outside the customary 45 minute rotation cycle for tennis
  2. We negotiated Pickleball lines on 4 tennis courts at Sheridan Tennis Club, which gives you access to member only courts. We have designated times plus ample drop-in times. The courts have windscreens and LED lights for evening play. Play begins in late April and the season ends in early November.
  3. Several years ago, we approached the City for outdoor Pickleball only courts. We understand our request has been incorporated in their Future Directions Plan.
  4. We continually seek out other groups to access more indoor and/or outdoor locations to play our game. For example, ML Pro Sports rented facilities at Erin Mills Soccer Club, which offers Pickleball on Saturday mornings and/or Tuesday evenings.
  5. We approach various institutions like school boards and private companies to seek out new facilities / venues. However, acceptable space remains extremely limited.
  6. We continually promote our sport. In September 2017, PMA demonstrated our sport to the Peel School Board who encourages their schools to add Pickleball to their curriculum. Over 20% of their schools have embraced Pickleball.
  7. Given PMA’s status with the City, we have access to facilities at reduced rates.
  8. In 2017, we hosted the OSGA games and again on May 31, 2018 at Mississauga Valley CC.
  9. In 2017, we hosted our first annual fun tournament at Mississauga Valley CC and we booked it again for September 8, 2018.
  10. At the moment we have over 140 members. If we could show a larger membership base of 400 or more, our voice would carry more bargaining power with the City.
  11. At our AGM, usually in November, we offer a free lunch or dinner depending on support from our sponsors.
  12. In January 2018, PMA with the assistance of the Pickleball Association of Ontario Ambassador for Mississauga, we provide coaching to introduce the game to beginners. We play on Wednesday afternoons at 1:15pm for 90 minutes at South Common Community Centre. Our focus is to introduce beginners to this great game so they can easily assimilate into other active community centres with more competitive players.
  13. We liaise with Pickleball Association of Ontario (PAO) to keep you informed of important changes and tournaments.
  14. In partnership with the City of Mississauga, we are hosting lessons for beginners for the first hour and casual or more competitive play for two more hours at the Hershey Centre. The program runs from mid-June to the end of July on Tuesday evenings, Thursday mornings and Sunday mornings.
We look forward to your support and you can contact us here.
Rene St.Cyr, President, PMA

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