The 2017 PAO Provincial Pickleball Championships held at the PanAm Centre in Markham ON from the 15th -17th September 2017

GOLD Mixed Doubles 70+ 4.0 Diane Pounder    (Mississauga) John Fraser (Mississauga)
GOLD Mens Doubles 70+ 3.5 Tom Brett (Mississauga) John Fraser (Mississauga)
GOLD Mixed Doubles  70+  3.5 Tom Brett (Mississauga) May de Jongh  (Brampton)
SILVER Mixed Doubles 50+  3.0 Carrie Taylor  (Mississauga) John Cameron (Mississauga)
SILVER Mixed Doubles 60+  3.5 Peggy Patton  (Mississauga) Sherif Shalaby  (Mississauga)
SILVER Mens Doubles 50+  3.5 Guy Mutchmore  (Mississauga) Diago Rogrigues (Brampton)
SILVER Womens Doubles 60+  4.0 Diane Pounder (Mississauga) Simmone Mcgowan  (Barrie)
SILVER Womens Doubles 50+  3.0 Peggy Patton  (Mississauga)  Carrie Taylor  (Mississauga)